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My Name is Regina Harbour,I have been interested in photography for several years now .I have been helping my Auntie for over 12 years with various photo creations & Novelties,such as Buttons,T~shirts,Key chains,Hats,etc.... I took a more serious look into Photography in 2007 and now on my way to a more professional status.
I have to Say with the help and encouragement of my
Dear Auntie Shirley Sims/w (S.A.SCrafts) As well as My instructor & a very Remarkable Friend Marcus Keeton/w(inspiredphotos)I give Thanks and Appreciation to the both of these Great People in my life.
I really enjoy photography. I specialize in customizing photos as well as editing photos
Anything UNIQUE.
I enjoy taking photojournalistic, portrait,traditional, and nature photographs as well

Email me at uniquephotosorg@yahoo.com to subscribe to my monthly newsletter and stay up-to-date. The newsletter features upcoming exhibitions, new photos, and a general update.view my calendar for events,specials,and availibilty. http://calendar.yahoo.com/uniquephotosorg


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